Secure Reservation Request
Reservation Request - You are about to make a secure reservation request for one of the resorts. There are five resorts in the group. The resorts are:
Select a resort by clicking on its name to start the reservation request process for that location.

Login - If you have not already logged in you can do that on the next page. As a minimum you need to enter your name, email address and phone number. Other information is optional.

Steps - The reservation request process consists of a few steps. You will select desired dates, enter some information that identifies you, select a site type, enter some information about your RV, enter some information about your group, and enter secure credit card information. You will be given a chance to review the reservation request then you will click a button to send an email to the selected resort with a copy to your email address.

What Happens Next - An email is sent to the resort asking them to make a reservation for you. They will reply via email or phone to let you know the reservation was accepted. If the email is received by the resort during business hours you can expect a reply that same day. If the reservation request is sent after business hours you can expect a reply the next day.

No Reply - If for some reason you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours the email may have been lost. In which case you should call the resort. A phone number is shown at the bottom of most pages.

Revise or Cancel - Once you have submitted a reservation request you will be able to revise or cancel it. You can restart the process from a few places. If you restart you will see a list of your open reservation requests. The open reservation requests have Revise and Cancel options. Click one of those to start that selected option.